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Mystic Falls Self Guided Tour

As a faithful Vampire Diaries fan since 2009, visiting "Mystic Falls" aka Covington GA has been on my bucket list for quite some time. In October 2021, my closest friends and I finally headed South for an overnight stay in Mystic Falls.

We lucked out and grabbed a one night stay at Caroline Forbes house, which had just recently became an AirBNB. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Staying in Caroline's house felt like staying in a part of Vampire Diaries history, and the coolest's right next door to Elena's house and the Lockwood Mansion is practically in the backyard so you are right near all main attractions of Mystic Falls.

We started the trip by taking a stop at The Wickery Bridge on our way, it was about 20 minutes outside Covington. We *carefully* snapped some photos and went on our way, the road is extremely busy so use caution when visiting.

The Wickery Bridge:

5090 Klondike Rd., Lithonia, Ga.

Next Stop, The Covington Welcome Center where you can find the "Welcome to Mystic Falls" sign, lots of props and outfits from the show, photos, and more. Plus memorabilia of other popular shows and movies filmed in Covington over the years. Make sure you grab the a map with all TVD addresses so you have them all in one easy to find place.

The Covington Welcome Center:

1143 Oak St SE, Covington, GA 30014

Then we headed to The Square and hit up the gift shops, grabbed our blood bags, looked for the actors/actresses Stars in the sidewalk, took a lot of photos and had lunch at Mystic Grill. We also found the cutest boutique with ADORABLE Covington Ga/Mystic Falls apparel and accessories, Southern Roots Outfitters

The Covington Square:

2101 Washington St SW, Covington, GA 30014

It was finally time to check into our AirBNB, which was a short walk from the Covington Square. We couldn't get over the fact that we were staying in Caroline Forbes house, it was the highlight of our trip. The house was absolutely beautiful, inside and out. We sat on the front porch swing a while and watched as fans continually drove by to take photos of the house. As die hard Vampire Diaries fans we were truly living our best life for the day.

You can now book your own stay at Carolines house here:

We booked last minute and there was no guided tour available, so we did a self guided tour which worked out perfect for us. We finally ventured out to see the rest of all houses and buildings throughout town. Most of the places are very close in proximity to each other. We chose to drive instead of renting a golf cart or walking. We took our time, and we were finished in about three hours. We even drove out to the Salvatore Boarding House and accidentally caught a glimpse of them filming Legacies, which was really awesome.

Here is quick list of some of the most popular addresses when visiting Mystic Falls:

Mystic Grill :

1116 Clark St. SW Covington GA 30014

Elena's House:

2104 Floyd St. NE Covington GA 30014

(People live here, be respectful and stay on the sidewalk)

Caroline's House:

2118 Floyd St. NE Covington GA 30014

12 Oaks Bed and Breakfast (1864 Salvatore Estate):

2176 Monticello ST SW

The Lockwood Mansion:

2129 East Street SE

The Delena Rain Kiss Bridge:

3120 Conyers St. SE

Salvatore Boarding School (about 30 minutes from Covington):

5520 Kent Rock Rd. Loganville GA

On your way back from the Salvatore Boarding School, stop by

Oxford College used at Whitmore College:

801 Emory St. Oxford GA

The next morning we woke up early and walked back to The Square and had breakfast at Bread and Butter Bakery+ Coffee . Fun fact that I haven't seen anyone talk about, you can grab RED WINE BLOOD BAGS at Bread and Butter! (The other blood bags are red powerade or an energy drink). We grabbed some last minute pictures at a few of the murals in the square and headed back home.

It was a quick trip, but it was perfect for us. We were not rushed and had plenty of time to do and see everything that we wanted. I cannot say enough GREAT things about staying in the Forbes house, if you are planning a trip to Mystic Falls you absolutely have to stay here!

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